How Much Should I Spend on My Web Site

NFNCMG Dollar SignsWe get this question a lot. No seriously, an awful lot! Unfortunately, the only answer that will apply to each and every customer is "It Depends..." ... and customers HATE to hear that answer. With this blog entry, we'll give you some things to consider which should let you know if you need more or less budget for your company's web presence.

Your company's website has the ability to be a 24 hour marketing machine and workhorse for your business by:

  • answering customer's questions for you
  • speaking about your business for you
  • taking orders for you
  • scheduling appointments with clients for you

Your web site can do all these things while you are working AND while you sleep! These benefits and conveniences will come at a price, but the price does not have to break the bank. Keep these major points in mind when deciding how much to set aside for a web site and you will get a very good idea of the budget necessary to pull the project off.