What Type of Web Site Do You Need

You could have a site idea that fits perfectly into one of these categories, or your site idea may be a combination of many categories of sites. Choosing the right category for your site makes planning the site a lot easier. A well thought out site plan also makes it less likely that you and the company building your site have any type of miscommunication about your site.

Ask yourself about the content your site will contain.

  1. Will the content continuously changing, or once it is published, it will remain the same until the end of time.
  2. Will the site be product focused or service focused?
  3. Will the site need to be updated by someone in-house, or will the updates be outsourced?

Answers to these questions will get you on the right track to getting the site idea categorized. Once the idea is organized, the flow from beginning to end design for the site will be much smoother for everyone involved!